Richmond User Experience of Service Questionnaire

User and Carer Involvement in Service Redesign, (New Ways of Working, 2008)

Richmond CAMHS (where Ann works) had implemented elements of CAPA from 2000. We undertook a user involvement project as part of New Ways of Working national early implementer site work in 2006. The full report was published in 2008 ‘User and Care Involvement in Service Redesign’ and is available from or from Ann. Only a small amount of the information we collected is given here - the full report is 200 pages long!

Overall, feedback from children, young people and parents was very positive using direct interviews, the CHI ESQ and a specially designed Choice experience questionnaire. Overall, 3 children, 11 young people and 34 parents/carers were interviewed.

Direct interviews

The majority said:

Parents/carers (n= 34). The majority of parents told us that:

There were mixed views about preferred waiting times, ranging from being seen immediately (if urgent) to 3 months. Suggestions for acceptable times between the Choice appointment and Partnership ranged between 1 and 6 weeks with most suggesting 2 weeks. Interestingly, we found no correlation between how long people waited to be seen in Choice and their satisfaction with how quickly they were seen. We took from this that absolute time is not the issue - it is that it is experienced as timely.

Experience of Service Questionnaires (CHI ESQ)

Responses were extremely positive in all areas from 9-11 year olds (n= 7), 12 to 18 year olds (n=27) and parents (n= 35). See table on previous page.

CHI questionnaire Child aged 9 to 11% n=11 Teenager % n=27 Parent %
I feel that the people who saw me/my child listened to me 100 96 100
It was easy to talk to the people who saw me / my child 100 96 98
I was treated well by the people who saw me my child 100 97 100
My views and worries were taken seriously 100 100 97
I feel that the people here know how to help me 100 96 89
I have been given enough explanation about the help available here 86 74 91
I feel that the people who have seen me / my child are working together to help me 100 89 85
I am happy with the outcome of the assessment here today NA NA NA
I have been given enough information today about what happens next NA NA NA
The facilities here are comfortable 100 96 97
My appointment here was at a convenient time 71 77 74
It was quite easy to get to the place where I had the appointment 100 89 97
If a friend needed this sort of help I would suggest to them to come here 100 92 100
Overall the help i have received here is good 100 93 97