Mental Health Foundation Report 2009

In January 2009 the Department of Health commissioned the Mental Health Foundation to undertake an independent evaluation of the CAPA in England to:

The full report was published December 2009


Phase 1 was a national survey of CAMHS in England and Phase 2 involved visits to six teams.


Phase 1

442 teams were sent a questionnaire- 213 staff replied. 92% had heard of CAPA and 97 teams stated they were implementing CAPA. 53 of these 97 teams then completed a more detailed survey and, on average, were implementing 6 out of the 11 CAPA key components (range 1 to 10.5).

Seven teams were able to supply audit data pre and post CAPA implementation. This showed that showed waits to a first appointment dropped from 7-108 weeks before implementation to 5-12 weeks after