A Sample Job Plan

This is an imaginary plan for clinical psychologist based on Steve's team i.e. we have a small team meeting on Tuesday and a large on on Wednesday. We also have some late clinics - this plan has some time for Tuesday evening.

You can see that the Specific Partnership activities for this clinician are a CBT clinic, Tier 2 liaison, supervising a trainee and Family Therapy team.

Sample job Plan

Big Admin?

The total Clinical work time is

Activity Time (hours)
Choice 2
Core Partnership 11
Specific Partnership 7.5
Big Admin 3
Total 23.5 hours

As every 8th hour should be Big Admin divide this time (23.5) by 8 = 2.93 i.e. nearly 3. This clinician already has a half hour on Tuesday am and 2.5 hours on Friday. So enough Big admin is planned.