Add these Choice sessions to job plans

For each clinician who is doing Choice add these Choice appointments to their job plan. Allow 90 minutes for the appointment, which includes some ‘little’ admin time. If Choice appointments are organised into clinics of 3.5 hours with peer group discussion built in and if staff are doing 2 Choice appointments in this session, they may not have time to do all the Choice admin. Use the planned Big Admin time to complete this.

(Note: we are currently carrying out an audit in East Herts on how much extra admin a Choice appointment takes when Choice Plus is considered. Hope to put this audit on this website when finished).


You may find it easiest, and most supportive for clinicians, to organise into a clinic structure. Have 2 Choice appointments per session and get staff to book themselves into vacant appointments. Choice clinic sheets can then be made available to the admin staff. Alternatively, you can use an electronic diary system if you have one. When families get in touch to book their appointment it is then straightforward for the admin team to offer a variety of appointments.

It is also fine to have Choice appointments organised throughout the week, rather than in a clinic structure. This can be easier if you offer appointments in a variety of venues for instance. The principles of having a bookable diary and admin and discussion time still apply. Discussion time may be done when everyone is back at base.