Calculate new Core Partnership activity for each clinician

OK, you now know many Choice appointments you need based on the accepted referrals. Now you are going to work out how much Core Partnerships each clinician can offer based on their job plan.

For each clinician, identify the number of sessions they have available for all Core Partnership work/ intervention in the service in which you are planning to implement CAPA. This is the time they have left when you have taken out all other work such as Choice, Specific Partnership, Other Tasks and other non-clinical work.

Then multiply the number of sessions left by 3 (the Partnership Multiplier).

The result gives the number of new Core Partnership appointments each clinician should and can do in a 13-week quarter. This number is derived from the assumption that each family in core work in Tier 3 CAMHS will average around 7.5 sessions (see Chapter 13: The Numbers for detailed explanation). NOTE: This does not mean that each family is limited to 7.5 sessions!

For many clinicians the number of sessions for each task may not be a whole number so you can work from hours instead. Simply multiply the number of hours by 0.86 to get the Core Partnership new activity rate for a 13-week quarter. You can use 0.86 because first we convert hours to sessions by dividing by 3.5 and then multiply by 3 as before: 3/3.5=0.86.

Example: Karen Peters is a clinical psychologist working in Anywhere CAMHS. Her job plan is below. She is full time. She works a shorter day on Thursday afternoon because she is part of the Tuesday evening clinic.

Sample job Plan



Sessions: Number of Partnership sessions = 11 hours / 3.5 (hours per “session”) = 3.14 sessions New Core Partnership appointments to be offered per quarter 3.14 sessions x 3 = 9.4


Number of hours = 11 x 0.86 = 9.4 new Core Partnerships per quarter

So this is about 9 for two quarters and 10 for the other two.