The East Herts CAMHS experience

In October 2004 the Hoddesdon Team in East Herts had 6.0 FTE staff covering a patch of 180K with approx 4 FTE vacancies. (Note the Welwyn team also did this but these are the numbers for Hoddesdon).

Overall: 223 families on the waiting list resulted in 54 families needing treatment! (24%)

All the waiting list blitz patients were seen within the target 8-week blitz period and the change from the old system with a waiting list to CAPA from start to finish took 3 ½ months.

Where to now?

This worked in East Herts. So we have written it down in detail as so many people ask us how they can get started and not feel immobilised by having a waiting list! Take what you find useful.

We think it will work in Anywhere CAMHS! Let us know!

We have heard from a number of services that have used this blitz method and all have been positive on how it works. Not all have had such a low opt in rate however.