How it works

1. Establish CAPA

We suggest that when starting the transition to CAPA you create a gap between accepting the referral and the initial Choice appointment. Say 8 weeks. These 8 weeks between referral and Choice gives you 8 weeks to carry out the blitz. When you are underway this gap will fall as you gradually flex your Choice capacity.

Let’s say that you decide to start CAPA on 1st December. This means you will have the Choice and Core Partnership diaries planned so that both Choice appointments and first Core Partnership appointments will be available from 1st December.

Blitz basics

2. Defer referrals to CAPA

As we’ve ‘allowed’ an 8-week window, all referrals accepted after 1st October will therefore be considered CAPA families and be asked to book into a Choice appointment after 1st December. We suggest starting with an 8-week lead in to allow clinicians to rearrange their diaries to accommodate the new system.

Blitz basics

3. The Blitz

To start CAPA on the 1st December everyone on your current waiting list has to be seen in the ‘free’ 8 weeks between 1st October and 1st December. This is the blitz!

Then anyone choosing to continue in the service as a result of a Choice appointment in the blitz will need to be booked into Core Partnership clinics, which must be available from the 1st December - after CAPA has started...

Blitz basics

4. Normal Choice to Partnership

When all of those from the blitz have entered Core Partnership, the Core Partnership slots after that will be free for those seen in CAPA (from 1st December). The size of this gap is the bit you wont know until the blitz is actually done. However by the time CAPA is begun the team will know the wait to Core Partnership and can explain this to families

Blitz basics