Individual and team job planning

Full CAPA implementation needs individual and team job plans. These two plans relate as the needs of the team, in part, define the individual’s job plan and how their skills are best used.

Create the individual and team plan in this sequence…

  1. Write down or define current job plans
  2. Work out how many Choice appointments you need to provide across the team
  3. Decide who will do Choice
  4. Add these sessions to job plans
  5. Calculate new Core Partnership activity for each clinician
  6. Review to see if the team is in balance.

1. Write down current job plans

You need to start with a plan for each member of staff. You can do this anyway you like, but a simple grid for the week will do. The aim is to describe a person’s job reasonably accurately without it becoming really detailed around each minute. This is meant to be a summary. The more detail there is the more bogged down people get with exact hours etc. So broad brush is best…

There are a number of aspects of a job plan that need first explaining and then planning. The building blocks to a job plan are that the activities can be categorised, with their definitions, as follows:


Activity Explanation
Team meeting Self-evident!
Travel Between sites during the working day
Management Of the team or to wider trust/service management.
Research/CPD/Audit Self evident
Lunch 30 minutes to an hour.
Other Tasks Consultation, supervision, non-team activities such as Tier 2 commitments.


Activity Explanation
Choice The initial contact with the service: number for each clinician depends on the team need.
Core Partnership All follow-up work using threshold level extended clinical skills, based on job plan capacity
Specific Partnership All follow-up work, usually using specialist level clinical skills as a specific assessment or intervention.
‘Big’ admin Time for finishing off reports, bigger chunks of admin, phone calls, liaison.

Note: a clinical session can have mixed activities in it e.g. 1 hour Core Partnership and 2.5 hours Specific Partnership. Our audit standard is 2 clinical hours per 3.5 hours clinical time. The non face-to-face time between appointments we call ‘little’ admin.

A bit more detail….

Core clinical capacity

Time for Choice appointments and all Core Partnership work.

Big Admin

Admin is a continuous pressure alongside keeping up with our clinical work. We recommend as part of CAPA that each member of staff has an amount of extra admin in their diary that we call ‘Big’ admin. This is to recognise that in each clinical session there is admin time around the clinical contacts but that this often isn’t enough and a little more needs adding. We find that for each 3.5 hours of clinical time (1 session or half day) there should be an additional half an hour of Big admin some time in the week.

A CAPA standard is that a clinical session has two face-to-face contacts of one hour each. This ‘uses’ 2 hours, leaving 1.5 hours for basic or ‘little’ admin, phone calls, writing up notes, letters etc. This session generates another half hour of admin (finishing off that letter, finally getting hold of that teacher on the phone…) to be added as Big Admin sometime else in the week plan. So each clinical session needs a supporting 30 extra minutes of Big admin.

You can calculate this by adding up all the clinical hours in the job plan (Core and Specific Partnership work, but not including Other Tasks and other non- clinical work) and divide by 8. Convert this many hours to Big Admin by reducing the clinical time in the job plan. You use the number 8 as one 3.5 hour clinical session has seven lots of 30 minutes and you need to add another one lot of 30 minutes for Big Admin.