Monitoring Partnership

CAPA needs monitoring to go smoothly. It is important that you have a mechanism for checking that clinicians are able to offer their quota of new Core Partnership appointments. Here’s an example of one way to do it.

Example Monroting Partnership

Reminder: the number of New Core Partnership appointments in a quarter equals the number of sessions available per week for core clinical work x 3

All these example sheets are here.

Check that clinicians book themselves into the Core Partnership diary. Each must provide their required number of quarter total new appointments. In the example above, Karen Peters (KP) will put herself down for 9 or 10 new Partnership appointments in a quarter. It does not matter whether the appointments are done in one week or spread over a few weeks – however she still opts into 9 or 10 specific appointment times. This increases flexibility for clinicians and flexes availability of appointments for families. Note she puts in 9 or 10 whether she is on holiday etc as the calculations account for leave/study etc.

Three other clinicians have entered their number (DG, SP and BR) but AD and EM haven't yet so thay can be asked to do so.