The Maths overview

This section of the website describes how to work out your capacity if you are implementing CAPA. This allows you to know what variety of work you can offer and how much, as well as anticipate the impact of staff changes e.g. someone going on maternity leave.

The methods we describe give you broad estimates of capacity. We make several assumptions, which we will clarify.

In CAPA you guarantee to be able to see all accepted referrals for a Choice appointment. You decide the time frame but we find within 6 weeks of referral suits most families.

CAPA also means you need to be able to offer Core Partnership following Choice without undue delay- we recommend within 4 weeks, certainly no more than 6.

To work out how much you can do you need to know:

The Core Clinical Capacity is the clinical appointments available for Choice and Core Partnership. This is made up of the number of appointments, on average, that are offered in each half -day (session) multiplied by the percentage of each full time equivalent staff that are deployed in Choice and Core Partnership.