CAPA Demand and Capacity Modelling

Here is a slightly more technical description of a more ‘accurate’ demand and capacity model. To make it work in real life you will need really, really good data – which we certainly don’t have. The usefulness of it is that, if you find you are out of balance, then the model describes all the variables that might be contributing to this.

The Model

The demand comes from the hours you use in Choice and in Partnership Choice:

So Demand = Accepted Referrals x (Choice hours + Percentage transferring to Partnership x (Partnership hours x (1 + Percentage Co-therapy rate)))

TIP: note that if any of the above five variables increase the DEMAND increases

The capacity provided comes from:

And so Capacity = FTE x 10 x Percentage capacity in Choice and Core Partnership x Appointments per session x % time worked

Note: again if any of the above decreases the CAPACITY decreases

So if the service is in balance then the demand will equal the capacity.

Simple! LOL!