Core Partnership diary

The Partnership diary needs to have a number of appointment times that clinicians can opt into according to their activity target. These can be organised in three ways:

Here's an example of partnerships organised into a clinic structure...

Example PArtnership Diary

Each clinician has chosen to write some of their quarter Partnership total on to this clinic. They've shown their availability by entering their initials into slots that suit them. Clinician DG has chosen to be available twice that week -perhaps he's catching up after holiday!.

The number next to their initials show which Core Partnership offer it is for them that quarter. I.e. for AD it is her 4th new Partnership appointment.

When a Choice clinician books a family into Partnership they enter the child’s name next to a clinician. In the example diaries, John Doe, who saw KP in Choice, has been booked (by KP) to see DG in Core Partnership. At 4pm Carrie White has been booked into see EM.

To help with transparency and activity management ensure that each person enters the number of new Core Partnership appointments they need to offer per quarter on a quarterly activity-planning sheet (see monitoring). Insert this into the Core Partnership diary at each quarter boundary to facilitate activity monitoring. Each member of staff then enters their planned activity onto this sheet.