Some Blitz details

How Many Blitz appointments will you need??

You know how many are on your waiting list. But many of these will not need appointments (maybe up to 50% if they have been waiting more than 6 months). You may want to plan for 80% uptake of an offer of an appointment to allow a wide safety margin. However in practice it may be nearer 40 % – 50% depending on the length of your waiting time.

Ask all those on the waiting list to confirm that they still want to be seen. Those that do can then be invited to ring and book themselves one of the appointments you have set aside for the waiting list blitz. You will need to have a system for vulnerable families perhaps contacting their referrer if they don’t reply.

Example: Anywhere CAMHS has 100 families on their waiting list. 40 have been waiting over 6 months and some up to a year! They guesstimate that they need 60 appointments over the next 8 weeks.

Who will do the Blitz appointments and when?

This is the trickiest bit, as the team needs to find a large number of appointments in already existing, and fairly full, diaries.

When the team in East Herts did this in 2005 everyone found any spare slots they had and made it available for the waiting list blitz. Some staff were able to find a lot and others only a few. No target number of appointments was expected from individuals but there was a strong team belief that, as a whole staff team, they should, and could, blitz the list. There was a small amount of money made available to allow staff to work extra hours if they wanted to.

Every week the team reviewed how many of the waiting list families were opting in and whether there were enough appointments. If not they had to find some! It was a fairly chaotic time, but energising and extremely satisfying! Undertaking lots of first appointment work in the blitz is easiest if:

Best of luck!!