Where to start?

Now you’ve got to this section and are thinking about how to start implementing CAPA, it’s helpful to begin by clarifying what you are trying to implement, what issues may arise and how can these be managed?

What to Implement?

The 11 components of CAPA, which are:

What issues will there be?

There will be the practicalities, such as how to define and organise the paperwork including Choice and Partnership diaries, standard team letters, and information for families about CAPA.

There will be the complicated issues of team cultural change, how to manage the anxieties about change and how to create this, as something the team owns rather than has imposed upon them.

Finally, as we know, there are many myths about CAPA and your team may be anxious or objecting to a myth. We most commonly hear that people think that no specialist-level work is allowed (untrue), and that CAPA involves only short-term work (untrue). See the Myths article in The Basics section for more.

How to manage and plan the implementation?

We think that breaking the process down to these four steps is helpful: 

See the next few webpage's for more details on each one...