Foundation Components

1. Management and Leadership [FOUNDATION ITEM]

There is a clear working relationship (involving regular meetings etc.) with a) an informed and helpful manager, b) either a clinical leader or a clinician empowered to lead on CAPA and c) an admin lead

Is your rating? No (RED) = 0 Partial (AMBER) = 1 Yes (GREEN) = 2

We have asked teams what has helped them to implement and sustain CAPA. Overall management style and knowledge plus active involvement and empowerment of clinicians and admin are the keystone to the arch of CAPA implementation.

This is neither a demand nor capacity variable but without this securely in place no team cultural change will occur (if needed), no action planning and no monitoring of the process.

Stop here and arrange an initial meeting to discuss this section. Does this item need strengthening?

11. Team away days [DEMAND AND CAPACITY ITEM]

Absolutely crucial!!!!! CAPA will not work without these.

Have regular days (at least four a year) that are owned by the team, used to generate a team culture, create flexibility, empower all staff and have fun... Mandatory!

Is your rating? No (RED) = 0 Partial (AMBER) = 1 Yes (GREEN) = 2

This is the only item that is both DEMAND and CAPACITY as only through talking and working together can the team generate enough enthusiasm and common viewpoints to maximise all the above items.

This is the second most important item after forming the CAPA leadership group.

Get the diary out in the next team meeting and book some away days for the rest of the year now!