Problem 2: Psychotherapy

There are long waits to individual child psychotherapy

This is a common problem and due to the long durations of child psychotherapy demand and capacity imbalances soon get out of hand. Work through the 7 HELPFUL habits suggestions below and come up with your own thoughts too.

Handle Demand
Eligibility Criteria What are the team criteria that individual child psychotherapy is indicated? (a good subject for an away day workshop)
Can a psychotherapist refer to themselves? (this is like allocating to yourself after Choice – less robust and less transparent)
Diversion Criteria Are there other interventions that may help?
Full Booking Create regular assessment slots for psychotherapy (creates a sense of needing to discharge children and young people in a timely manner)
Screen Referrals Should the transfer to this intervention be a multi-disciplinary decision?
Flex Capacity Probably not an issue in longer-term work.
Extend Capacity
Know Capacity Is there a set number that will be taken on?
Follow-up focus How and who decides when a child is ready to stop?
What kind of informed consent does the child or young person have in the ongoing process?
Do the outcome measures (appropriate for psychotherapy) taken continue to show improvement?
Extend Clinical Roles Is there enough individual therapy/counselling in the core team before psychotherapy is indicated or required?
Monitor Activity Is activity for psychotherapy monitored?
Let go of Families
Closing Case Variation Is there a multidisciplinary review of cases at regular intervals?
Care Plans Are the goals of such psychotherapy identified in the Care Plan?
Process Mapping
Process Mapping What steps do users go through to access psychotherapy? Do they all add value?
Flow Management
Something to do What else can be offered that would be useful?