The 5 Big Ideas

CAPA uses 5 Big Ideas that are different from more traditional clinical systems. We know from working with teams that implement that these make CAPA very different from the way they worked before. A range of changes need to occur to enable them to be put in place.

The 5 Big Ideas are:

  1. Choice
  2. Core and Specific Partnership Work
  3. Selecting Core Partnership clinician
  4. Job Planning
  5. Peer group discussion

Choice is about the philosophy of collaborative practice and putting the service user at the heart of all we do. More than participation, it is about a deep focus on enhancing the things that make therapeutic contacts work.

The middle three all link - to find the right person to work with the client in Partnership means we have to know the skills and personalities in the team, who can do what and how much, leading to job planning.

Peer group discussion, with the focus on what the goals of the service user are and how they are progressing keeps things safe, allows us to learn, share ideas and let them go.

Many service models use one of these ideas, or two. There may be a focus on collaborative practice and shared decision making. Or a focus on demand and capacity management. Or on clinical care pathways and skills. It is our experience that only CAPA combines these areas into one model to enhance the client experience and the help we can give. And be satisfying to work in. So read on...