Job planning

Job planning one of the key ideas of CAPA. It is the nuts and bolts of how to make a service work.


Job Plan

The basic idea is that you will describe what each individual does in terms of their capacity in their job plan. In other words you will say for example how many choice they are going to do a week, how much time they spend in core partnership work and so on. When you know the multiplier (more of this later) you can work out how much work a clinician can do in each capacity segment.

Then each individual has a job plan and these can be combined into a team job plan that will describe accurately what the team can do and thus what demand it can manage.

Job planning includes the idea of different streams of partnership work (course specific), the idea of different skill levels (extended core skills and advanced skills) as has a system of maths to work out the capacity that each individual has in particular segments of the job plan.

Sum of the parts?

The other major difference in a CAPA individual and team job plan is that the team job plan is not just the sun of the individual plans. Each individual plan is influenced by the needs of the whole service. In other words how much time an individual deploys using their advanced skills, or in specific partnership streams and so on depends on the perceived needs for those skills and streams amongst the work the whole team. This allows the team skills to be deployed to the needs of the user rather than trying to fit users into a predefined skill set (pull versus push systems in lean thinking).