Partnership is the CAPA name for treatment and intervention. We chose this word, as has been described in the 11 components section, so that our language would be collaborative. We want to treatment to be something we do with service users rather than to them.

Types of partnership

We have divided our idea of partnership into two layers. One record core partnership and this is where interventions of an average duration occur we usually extended core skills but it could be also with advanced skills. Specific partnership is reserved for those interventions that are not of average duration: shorter or longer. These interventions are often with advanced skills but may not be.


Dividing partnership into these two layers or streams has several advantages.

  1. It allows for different durations and types of work to be described
  2. given that we have separated on the base of basis of duration we can now also planned the capacity of each stream
  3. it allows individual drop plans to be quite specific on the capacity required for different types of works as well as the skills needed