Troubleshooting - OK so it’s not working!


We sometimes hear, usually third hand, that in some service or other that “CAPA isn’t working”. When we get to talk to these teams we have found, every single time, that the model hasn’t been fully applied or expectations that it would fix any demand and capacity imbalance (!) were too high. In fact we have not yet come across a team that have implemented the full model who have not felt it was working well.

We should also say we have heard "CAPA isnt working" when the team or service dont want it to work!

First Step

So the first step if you feel CAPA isn’t working is to review the 11 key Components of CAPA. You can

  • use the CAPA-CRS which is useful for a rapid look at your implementation or
  • The CAPA-PRS that looks at the pragmatics of a full implementation

Problem-solving specific issues

The most common places that teams tell us they get stuck are with:

  • External Waiting List to Choice
  • Internal Waits to Core Partnership
  • Internal Waits to Specific Partnership (interventions or assessments).